Ecumen Uses UKG Centralized Scheduling to Improve Business Outcomes

Discover how the advanced scheduling solution is improving staffing and the employee experience.

Using multiple scheduling methods gave Ecumen no visibility into schedules at its 40 communities. Learn how a UKG™ centralized scheduling solution delivers scheduling visibility, improves staffing, supports equitable shift-pickup bonuses, and boosts employee engagement.

Having no organizationwide visibility into scheduling challenged Ecumen in making informed scheduling and staffing decisions. Adding a UKG advanced scheduling solution to its other UKG solutions is delivering multiple benefits.

Centralizing staff scheduling across the organization with UKG scheduling technology has enabled Ecumen to:

  • Fill 90% of open shifts through the centralized staffing office during each scheduling period
  • Save 34% in bonus costs by leveraging data on shift-pickup bonuses while implementing fair and equitable bonus practices
  • Empower and engage employees through mobile access to view their schedules, request time off, and pick up open shifts

Download this customer story to learn more about how Ecumen is using a UKG scheduling solution to improve business outcomes.

“It’s data that drives improvement. It helped me dig into what’s happening so we could align the staffing level to match census level. Without UKG, I would not have been able to collect these numbers.”
Hoa Flaa
Clinical Workforce Planning Manager, Ecumen

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