Community Bank Boosts Operational Efficiency, Maintains Compliance with UKG

Greater visibility into workforce data improves management of branch staff and labor costs.

Eager to improve insight into the daily operations of its bank branches, and automate workforce management processes to help maintain compliance, Community Bank deployed a UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) solution. Learn about the bank’s increased operational efficiency.

With the bank’s branches operating independently, and each branch manager responsible for managing staffing and labor costs to budget, Community Bank didn’t have fast, easy access to full operations information. Manual tracking of accruals and leave cases also created the potential for error.

Following implementation of its UKG workforce management solution, Community Bank has:

  • Gained better visibility into branch employee labor costs and allocation of staff needed to meet customer needs
  • Eliminated a 5% payroll error rate to ensure more accurate paychecks
  • Mitigated compliance risk with automated tracking of accruals and leave cases

Download this case study to learn more about how Community Bank is using its UKG solution to improve operational efficiency and compliance.

“UKG helps us manage our labor costs because we track, at the branch level, all the expenses, and each branch is run as its own business. Each month they look at labor vs. budget to make sure they’re in line, and UKG is one of the tools that gives us the numbers we need to do that analysis.”

Lorie Semmel, Director of Operations
Community Bank

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