Colorvision Strengthens People Operations, Drives Efficiency with UKG

Learn how UKG Ready creates meaningful experiences and efficiencies for organizations

Manual HR processes at Colorvision International became a significant time burden for HR managers who spent several hours each week completing paperwork. Learn how the company is leveraging its UKG™ HCM solution to increase efficiency, expedite hiring, and create a more engaging employee experience.

Colorvision International is a digital-imaging organization providing souvenir photography for attractions worldwide. Through partnerships with hospitality groups and theme parks, the company creates photo souvenirs for guests at more than 100 locations globally and turned to UKG to help automate and digitize time-consuming HR processes.

With its UKG HCM solution, the company has:

  • Increased efficiency by reducing the time spent sifting through paperwork by 95%
  • Access to employee information in real time from a single, unified system
  • Created an empowering, personalized experience for employees via their mobile device

Download this case study to learn more about how Colorvision International is using its UKG solution to strengthen people operations and drive greater efficiency.

“The ability to update or upload information directly to UKG Ready in real time from anywhere has been critical for us, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Ready has made our lives easier in so many ways, and we have yet to explore all the possibilities.”

John Racine, Director of HR
Colorvision International

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