City Beach Improves Retail Task Forecasting and Execution with UKG

UKG Dimensions Task Management powered by ThinkTime supports efficient retail operations.

With real-time visibility into retail task assignment status using UKG Dimensions Task Management™ powered by ThinkTime®, City Beach is more efficiently managing its stores. Learn how City Beach is using the solution to schedule staff to forecasted task time.

A popular chain that offers the latest surf and leisure apparel, City Beach stores are busy serving customers. Before adding the solution, head office managers were unsure whether tasks assigned to stores were completed and how much time each task required.

With the addition of UKG Dimensions™ and UKG Dimensions Task Management™ powered by ThinkTime®, City Beach has:

  • Visibility into business and store activity with all workforce and operations information in a centralized solution
  • A real-time view of task assignment completion status and completion time to better align scheduling of team members with assignments
  • Improved communication with team members through individual and group messages and training

Download this customer story to learn more about how City Beach is improving its task forecasting and execution with these UKG Dimensions solutions.

“If we push out a task, it’s fantastic to see on a dashboard how much they’ve done and keep a pulse on compliance. It also opens up communication from the stores back to the head office.”
Ben Nau, Head of Retail
City Beach

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