Central Freight Lines Effectively Manages Growing Workforce with UKG

Discover how a scalable UKG solution has supported the company’s business expansion.

When Central Freight Lines expanded and nearly doubled its workforce, it relied on its UKG™ solution to improve workforce management processes. Learn how the solution’s scalability has helped the company scale up to meet the trucking needs of more and larger clients.

Managing labor costs and meeting stringent trucking industry regulations can be challenging with paper-based processes. Acquiring another trucking company and expanding its workforce brought these challenges into focus for Central Freight Lines.

Expanding use of its UKG workforce management solution as the company grew has helped Central Freight Lines:

  • Gain visibility into real-time workforce information to better control labor costs
  • Verify employee time to maintain compliance with industry regulations
  • Give employees access to solution self-service tools to view their time and make time-off requests, improving engagement and retention

Download this customer story to learn more about how Central Freight Lines is using its UKG solution to more effectively manage its growing workforce.

“UKG understands the challenges we face around different overtime requirements and exemptions for the trucking industry. We have some rules that we’ve had for some time and UKG has been very agile in accommodating those for us. They have a lot of customers in the logistics space and have been doing this a long time.”

Scott Spray, Director of Human Resources
Central Freight Lines

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