Carlie C’s IGA Better Controls Labors Costs, Improves Scheduling and Engagement

Migrating to UKG Dimensions is delivering additional functionality and benefits.

Migrating to the UKG Dimensions™ solution has helped Carlie C’s IGA more efficiently manage stores, better control labor costs, and enhance employee engagement. Learn how added functionality streamlines scheduling and delivers mobile self-service tools.

Scheduling features enable store managers to quickly create schedules, and corporate and district managers have visibility into scheduling, hour, and wage information by store and across the company.

With the migration to UKG Dimensions, Carlie C’s IGA is realizing extensive benefits, including:

  • Streamlined scheduling is freeing up managers to spend more time with associates and customers
  • Real-time data and extensive reporting enable managers to better manage their stores and labor costs
  • Mobile functionality and self-service tools are enhancing employee engagement and boosting morale
  • Consistent application of work rules across all stores is improving compliance

Download this customer story to learn more about how Carlie C’s IGA is transforming its human capital management with UKG Dimensions.

“Having real-time access to data is one of the biggest benefits [of UKG Dimensions]. It’s right there at your fingertips and it’s live. You don’t need to wait until the end of the day.”

Hannah Boren, Labor Analyst
Carlie C’s IGA

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