Bimbo Bakeries Prepares for the Future with UKG Dimensions

Discover how the mobile-first technology is delivering an exceptional employee experience.

Wanting to centralize multiple solutions and streamline its workforce management processes, Bimbo Bakeries migrated to UKG Dimensions™. Learn how Bimbo Bakeries uses the mobile-first platform to manage in the moment and deliver a better employee experience.

As the largest bakery company in the U.S., Bimbo Bakeries manages 20,000 employees across the company’s 50 locations. Utilizing mobile workforce management technology in the cloud is enabling the company’s managers and supervisors to easily manage employees from anywhere.

By migrating to UKG Dimensions, Bimbo Bakeries is realizing a number of benefits:

  • Users can easily use the solution from their desktop and mobile devices, smoothly transitioning between them
  • Mobile functionality lets users manage from wherever they are ― in meetings, on the factory floor, or in the field
  • Access to real-time workforce data analytics supports informed decision making, including overtime management

Download this case study to learn more about how Bimbo Bakeries is using its UKG Dimensions solution to improve its human capital management.

“UKG Dimensions is helping Bimbo prepare for the future by delivering an exceptional employee experience through its mobile-first platform, allowing employees to complete important tasks from any device, which is critical to attracting and retaining top talent.”
Courtney Dobbins, Bimbo Bakeries

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