Anesthesia Practice Consultants Creates Fair, Equitable Call Schedules

Learn how the UKG EZCall solution has cut scheduling time by 80% and created balanced call assignments.

Using the UKG EZCall™ solution, Anesthesia Practice Consultants has streamlined creating fair and equitable provider schedules and call assignments. Discover how call scheduling time has been drastically cut and providers have 24/7 mobile access to the latest schedules.

Creating schedules and balanced call assignments for 230 providers across 28 locations is no longer a time-consuming challenge for schedulers at this practice.

With the implementation of UKG EZCall, Anesthesia Practice Consultants is able to:

  • Generate fair and equitable schedules and call assignments to reduce provider fatigue
  • Significantly decrease the time needed to make quarterly call assignments
  • Enable providers to remotely check schedules, request no-call, and trade shifts

Download this case study to learn more about how Anesthesia Practice Consultants is leveraging UKG EZCall for easier scheduling and more balance call assignments.

“EZCall is a powerful, fantastic tool and has applications not just for anesthesia and the OR but across all of healthcare and specialties. I can’t say enough good things about the pressure it takes off my plate and the plate of our schedulers by being a solid system we can rely on.”

Jack Dillon, MBA, MSHR, Executive Director
Anesthesia Practice Consultants

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