UKG Pit Manager

Create a seamless guest experience with real-time pit floor visibility and alerts.

Explore a full range of UKG Pit Manager features designed to make casino floor management more efficient, accurate, and engaging.

Get proactive with an alerts dashboard and violation checking

If your pit floor is bustling, keeping track of shift notes, pit efficiency, absence and upcoming changes can be a daunting task. And keeping track accurately and efficiently by hand? Nearly impossible. UKG Pit Manager keeps it all together for you — and your team. Key self-service functionality like checking upcoming breaks makes your team more independent and frees you up to focus on creating a positive guest experience.

Give back of house managers real-time pit floor visibility

Back of house managers now have full visibility into the pit floor — all from the comfort of your desk or device. Can’t make the commute to the pit floor to check on efficiency or table data? No problem. See how UKG Pit Manager keeps you connected to the pit floor with real-time insight that empowers you to act in the moment, even from afar.

Gain valuable insights into dealer skills and reporting capabilities

Your pit floor is a busy place — so busy, that knowing every dealer’s skillset and game expertise by heart probably isn’t in the cards. See how UKG Pit Manager provides quick access to every dealer’s game skills, proficiency, and game history. Full visibility in the palm of your hand, transforming the way you manage your pit floor.

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