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Who Is UKG, and How Are They Helping Modernize Payroll?

Learn more about UKG and the lessons we’ve learned from our own experiences with managing payroll.

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This article reprint from APA PAYTECH, Who Is UKG, and How Are They Helping Modernize Payroll?, offers valuable, experienced-based insight as well as best practices for modernizing your organization’s payroll systems and focusing on employee financial wellness.

It’s obvious that payroll teams have the willingness, knowledge, and tenacity to take on a more strategic role at the organizations they support, but what happens when the tools they have don’t match up with that vision?

As UKG (formerly Ultimate Software and Kronos), we’ve had to manage this issue ourselves over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. By evaluating both our own internal processes and assessing the needs and priorities of the wider payroll community as a whole, we are well poised to help payroll professionals like you become agents of change and key contributors to business strategy.

In this timely PAYTECH article, we focus on:

  • Who is UKG?
  • What does “modern payroll” really mean?
  • Evaluating your technology
  • Assessing your reporting and analytics options
  • Focusing on employee financial wellness
  • Bolstering your soft skills
  • How to know when to make a change

It’s possible to update your payroll systems without disruption. And as UKG has come together, we’ve had to think carefully about our processes and have managed to make modern choices in key areas such as payroll without disrupting our people’s work. Some of the places we’ve focused on include analyzing the roles and pay rates of everyone across the company to ensure equity, evaluating and normalizing our pay cycles, and moving to one solution across the board for payroll, UKG Pro™, our easy-to-use payroll software.

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