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Using Data to Improve Workforce Management

The Jefferson County School District in Birmingham, Alabama implemented a strategy for providing a superior learning environment and enriching employee experience by using data collected by the district’s workforce management system.

In this article from School Business Affairs, you’ll explore how automated Kronos workforce management solutions help Alabama’s second-largest public school system improve the task of managing time, people, and compliance across the district.

Using Data to Improve Workforce Management

Jefferson County Schools serves 36,000 students and approximately 2,500 certified teachers in 56 schools. In all, the district employs about 4,500 educators, administrators, and staff. Operating a school system of this size requires a shared commitment to responsible resource management and positive collaboration among district leaders.

You'll discover how Kronos helps Jefferson County School District:

  • Streamline payroll processes
  • Improve workforce productivity
  • Mitigate compliance challenges
  • Monitor employee overtime and teacher extra duty time
  • Meet state and federal reporting requirements
  • Gain real-time access to actual labor hours

Learn how Kronos helps Jefferson County Schools use labor data to support key decisions that provide for the diverse needs of all learners — and see how maintaining labor data also enables the district to support financial reporting and compliance to ensure the schools receive state and federal funding, which foster a positive learning culture. Download Using Data to Improve Workforce Management now.