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How Payroll and HR Can Work Better Together

Here’s how teaming up, plus a unified technology solution, can help improve the employee experience.
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How Payroll and HR Can Work Better Together

This article reprint from APA PAYTECH, How Payroll and HR Can Work Better Together, offers valuable insight into how payroll and HR can work together to build a stronger partnership that will put their organization’s people at the center of all they do.

In many ways, payroll and HR are two sides of the same coin. In reality, however, these two departments often operate in separate silos within their organizations — usually at the expense of the employee experience. So how can payroll and HR team up to create more efficient and accurate processes that ultimately will have a positive impact on their organization and their employees’ experience?

  • Set data integrity expectations: Creating a joint set of data standards by leveraging a unified technology solution for both payroll and HR can help drive more consistent, quality data
  • Create shared KPIs: This helps align HR and payroll teams with common objectives to get everyone pulling in the same direction
  • Use one modern solution to help unify HR and payroll: Teams looking to build a stronger partnership can work together to identify a unified solution that handles all these processes in one system

A single solution, such as those offered by UKG, can help eliminate manual workarounds, duplicative data entry, and poor reporting. In addition, a modern, full-suite solution can provide employee self-service tools, which can reduce the amount of time payroll and HR spend fielding employee requests and changes.

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