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De-Mystifying Global Payroll: It Doesn’t Need to Be So Complicated

Explore why and how to transform your global payroll experience for reduced complexity and accurate, compliant pay — wherever your people work.

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Simplify global payroll with a single-threaded workforce management and pay view that creates one operational standard across countries.

Getting global pay right is critical for multinational organizations and the current, fragmented model needs a transformation. Explore UKG One View simplifies the complexity of how you pay your people — across the world — with a single experience for accurate, compliant payroll.


Maintain existing ICPs or technologies while gaining immediate visibility across your entire process. 


Continuously monitor data to confirm quality, completeness, and compliance for all countries.


Provide a globally compliant pay slip — no matter where your people work — via an easy-to-use mobile app.

When it comes to multi-country payroll, you shouldn’t have to choose between local or global. Get expert insights for achieving unprecedented levels of visibility, flexibility, and accuracy around global payroll processes — all in a single experience.

This PAYTECH article explores global payroll challenges and how UKG One View is transforming multi-country payroll for the better.