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3 Keys to Transforming into a Modern Payroll Practitioner

Here’s what payroll professionals need to know about supporting their organizations’ new priorities.
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3 Keys to Transforming into a Modern Payroll Practitioner

After the past year, are you ready to support your organization’s new post-pandemic priorities? This article reprint from APA PAYTECH, 3 Keys to Transforming into a Modern Payroll Practitioner, reveals how payroll professionals can successfully adapt to change. 

Here are the three key areas that are essential to ensuring a smooth transition:

  • Focus on the employee experience: Providing self-service, enabling fast payroll problem resolution, and improving access to wages are just some of the ways payroll can improve the employee experience.
  • Provide leaders with strategic insights: When you need to provide data to executives and leaders for strategic decision making, having a single source of truth where employee data and business data converge into one view can be invaluable.
  • Prioritize vendors with a great customer experience: Amid the COVID-19 crisis, some payroll teams discovered their payroll vendor didn’t provide them with the support needed to navigate all the disruption. Now is the time to take a closer look at your vendor’s customer support and service.

In transforming into a modern payroll practitioner, partnering with the right vendor, such as UKG, can ensure your payroll processes and strategy stay on the right track. Download this article now to learn more about the award-winning UKG™ customer experience and how it helps our customers gain maximum value from their payroll solution.