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Workforce Management Technology: 2022 Market Guide

A report from Aspect43 examines the tools and solutions that make up today’s workforce management tech stack.

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Workforce Management Technology: 2022 Market Guide

33% of companies have uncertainty around the value and impact of workforce management software

The workforce management tech stack is changing because the workforce has changed. The right technology helps you understand how the talent and people available to you can best be utilized to support your business needs and future goals.

Modern workforce management: The 5 areas of focus:

  • Strategy driven
  • People first approach to talent
  • Talent mobilization
  • Compliance isn’t an afterthought
  • Data driven approach

When implementing modern workforce management, you need to think beyond the logistical support of hourly workers. Today’s workforce management strategies include a holistic approach to employee management, productivity goals, business drivers, and employee engagement.

Download the report for a new approach to workforce management that can increase productivity, prepare for the future, and engage and retain employees.