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Why Agencies Need to Double Down on Workforce Management

See the value of integrating ERP and workforce management solutions in this GovLoop and UKG report.
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Why Agencies Need to Double Down on Workforce Management

Governments use ERP systems for core business processes but also require a workforce management solution to meet complex workforce needs. See how to create a postmodern ERP strategy in the Why Agencies Need to Double Down on Workforce Management report.

Telework and the gig economy have reshaped how government agencies operate, but their use of technology hasn’t necessarily kept up with these changes. Discover in this Market Trends Report from GovLoop and UKG how cloud-based solutions are helping government agencies better utilize data from their ERP and workforce management solutions to gain a fuller picture of agency operations and the workforce.

This report outlines the challenges that government agencies face and provides insight on:

  • Four ways to standardize processes while also gaining flexibility
  • Four steps to take for postmodern enterprise resource planning
  • How Oklahoma City is using an automated UKG solution to streamline timekeeping and payroll, saving 150 payroll officers 450 to 600 hours weekly

Download this informative report to learn more about the benefits of integrating your ERP system with a cloud-based workforce management solution.

“You don’t have to go out and replace a system, because a lot of times you might find that there’s a gap in your ERP solution that can easily be filled with a workforce management platform….”

Linda Misegadis, Public Sector Business Consulting Director, UKG