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UKG Aspire 2022 Highlights with Constellation Analyst Holger Mueller

Watch this video to learn the perspective of Constellation Research analyst Holger Mueller on UKG Aspire 2022 and his four key takeaways from the conference.

UKG Aspire 2022 generated lots of energy as more than 4,000 attendees gathered for the first unified in-person conference following the merger of Kronos and Ultimate Solutions.

In this video following the event, Constellation Research analyst Holger Mueller shares his thoughts about the conference and his perspective on what lies ahead for UKG in 2023. Constellation Research guides organizations wishing to transform their business using exponential technologies, and its analysts provide practical advice to executives looking to transform their organizations.

Holger Mueller provides four important areas of interest that he identified during UKG Aspire 2022:

  • UKG’s unification and simplification of solutions into two enterprise and SMB products
  • The newly unveiled FleX enterprise application program to enable organizations to integrate, extend, and build to benefit from emerging applications
  • The UKG acquisition of A Great Place to Work to provide better visualization and reporting of workplace data
  • The launch of UKG Labs to help selected early-stage startups with effective people management and the shaping of future HCM and HR technology

This informative video provides a technology industry expert’s view on key takeaways from UKG Aspire 2022.