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Transforming the Public Sector Workforce

The public sector is seeing a workforce digital transformation. Learn how technology is improving workforce management and empowering employees.

Digitally transforming their organizations is a priority for public sector decision makers, according to a recent IDC survey, Digital Transformation (DX) Executive Sentiment Survey. They see technology as the means to improve constituent service, increase productivity, and streamline operations as well as more effectively source, deploy, and engage employees.

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Transforming the Public Sector Workforce

A number of trends are behind the public sector deciding to digitally transform it workforce:

  • Constrained budgets and smaller workforces contrasted with increased demand for services require access to detailed data, driving use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
  • A blend of seasoned staff with institutional knowledge and younger employees expecting real-time access to information can use technology to both preserve and gain knowledge
  • Protecting the workforce’s personal information is paramount as more organizations digitize applications and workforce management processes and utilize the cloud
  • Constituents expect excellent customer service from public sector agencies, driving a need for solutions that automate tasks to maximize productivity and efficiency

IDC notes that UKG Dimensions meets the requirements of these trends. The cloud-based enterprise workforce management suite from UKG has digital transformation capabilities that can help public sector organizations modernize processes and the employee experience.

Download this informative white paper to learn more about these public sector trends as well as recommendations for public sector decision makers in utilizing technology to more efficiently and effectively deliver constituent services and better manage and engage a modern workforce.