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The Total Economic Impact™ of UKG Pro and UKG Dimensions

New research from Forrester shows an 89% return on investment and payback within 6 months.

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The Total Economic Impact of UKG Pro and UKG Dimensions

Forrester Consulting, part of Forrester Research, a business and technology research firm with over 35 years of experience working with industry leaders, has just completed a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of UKG Pro and UKG Dimensions, conducted on behalf of UKG. This study analyzed four organizations from four different industries and created a composite organization to determine the financial impact and other benefits of deploying the solutions.

The research was conducted using Forrester’s four fundamental elements of TEI: benefits, costs, flexibility, and risks. The results were significant, with net benefits after three years of over $5.9 million, an 89% return on investment (ROI) over three years, and a payback period of under 6 months for the composite organization.

In addition, implementing the UKG solutions helped all four organizations address major challenges such as:

  • Decentralized, ineffective tools from multiple vendors
  • The need to rapidly scale without growing HR and payroll headcount
  • Inadequate self-service for managers and employees
  • Lack of a unified user experience across the workforce

Download the study now to help assess the financial impact organizations could experience with UKG.