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The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of UKG Pro Workforce Management Industry Focus: Services & Distribution

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The research for the commissioned study was conducted using Forrester Consulting’s four fundamental elements of TEI: benefits, costs, flexibility, and risks. The results were significant. The Forrester study concluded that a large enterprise composite organization, based on interviewed customers, experienced benefits of $34.28 million and an ROI of 169% over three years with a payback period of less than 6 months!

A North American Airline – with 22,000 employees and revenues of $6.1 Billion – was one of four UKG customers interviewed for the overall study. An Executive Summary has been developed to highlight the benefits of implementing UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly known as UKG Dimensions®) in the services & distribution space.

“Think about how [an] airport is set up. The break room [is] 500 feet away from that desk that they’re working on and that’s where the time clock is, but the employees [are] not necessarily going to go take their lunch in the break room. They may go to the food court and have their lunch. So, having the ability to do mobile for their lunch [timecard] punching was huge.”

Director of Payroll, North America Airline

Airlines employ a combination of unionized and non-unionized employees, and this interplay can make timekeeping as well as workforce data consolidation quite difficult. Furthermore, employees who have to navigate sprawling workplaces such as airports with punctuality may find it difficult to efficiently track their time or accurately submit change requests, creating potential for inaccurate data and payroll errors. UKG Pro Workforce Management aims to streamline timekeeping and scheduling by providing mobile-device compatibility to employees without requiring them to access on-premise systems, thereby improving payroll accuracy. Additionally, with the open APIs of UKG Pro Workforce Management, airlines can easily connect to other internal systems, thereby enabling more comprehensive and connected data and providing the ability to scale systems across their organizations.

The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of UKG uncovered specific benefits realized by a North American Airline by implementing UKG Pro Workforce Management including:

  • Empowered this airline with the ability to complete compliance requests 50% faster.
  • Improved the employee experience with the use of mobile.
  • Helped with accurate timekeeping measures and time-off requests that are now correctly accrued for attestations.

Download the services & distribution industry Executive Summary from the original study conducted by Forrester Consulting now to help assess the potential financial impact your organization could experience with UKG.

Please note that UKG Dimensions® has been renamed UKG Pro Workforce Management™