The Top 5 Workforce Trends Shaping the Manufacturing Industry by 2025

IDC’s 2020 Industrial Management Survey outlines issues and major industry workforce trends.

Manufacturing is facing talent management concerns, straining its growth. In this white paper, IDC discusses five major manufacturing workforce trends ― from digital skills and key work models to automation and technology investments and the employee experience.

Learn the results of IDC’s 2020 Industrial Management Survey and how these results are providing clarity about workforce trends in the manufacturing industry. Survey respondents identify the skills most sought after, skill gaps, permanent impacts of COVID-19, plans for investments in automation and knowledge management, and more.

Based on data gleaned from the survey, IDC suggests the manufacturing industry will see these trends, among others, by 2025:

  • The growing importance of digital skills will alter how manufacturers attract, retain, and train employees
  • Increased investment in automation and knowledge management tools will be needed to counter the departure of experienced employees
  • Greater adoption of technology will be seen in order to improve productivity, performance, and operational agility

Download this informative white paper to learn more about workforce trends in the manufacturing industry and how manufacturers who focus on adjusting how they manage employees and utilize technology to maximize performance will be positioned for success.

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