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The State of Legal, Compliance, and Employment Law, 2022-23

Read this report to understand how to enhance your organization’s HR compliance processes while supporting your people.

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Adapting to fluctuating labor laws and regulations can be challenging. Many organizations have difficulty keeping up with these changes and can’t effectively manage compliance procedures. This increases the risk of noncompliance and can negatively impact your people and organization.

So, how can you succeed at balancing compliance agility with your employees’ needs?

UKG partnered with HR Research Institute at to discover why many organizations struggle with meeting compliance standards. The State of Legal, Compliance, and Employment Law 2022-23 survey, distributed by, reveals that 58% of HR departments spend a quarter or more of their time during the average workweek on addressing legal compliance and regulatory issues. With compliance automation, more of this time could be dedicated to supporting your employees and organizational goals.

This report explores:

  • The maturity levels and funding of compliance
  • Compliance strategies from a variety of organizations
  • The inclusion of automation in compliance processes
  • Key factors that cause compliance difficulty
  • How companies keep pace with changing regulations
  • The value of compliance reporting and analytical tools

Read the report to gain insight into best practices for compliance, and bring success to your workplace.