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Skills Verification Report from RedThread Research

Download this RedThread Research report for 2024 analyzing how organizations can get the most out of the skills possessed by employees. 

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Organizations pursuing a skills mindset now have concrete ways to capitalize on employee skill data.

RedThread Research, renowned experts on leadership and people management insights, just released a captivating report on the practical process of skills verification.

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RedThread identified seven broad methods of verifying employee skills, from the simple to the complex. 

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See how leading organizations leverage self-assessment, direct feedback, inferences from work data and more to verify and ensure employee skills stay current.

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Discover the best method or methods to employ at your organization, based on the potential accuracy and resources needed.

A skills mindset can be a powerful tool for many organizations, and skills verification is the next step in helping leaders become more confident in their data.

This 2024 report from RedThread Research offers key insights into how to identify, verify the accuracy of, and ensure upkeep of employee skills.