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Return to Business and Post-Pandemic Planning Checklist

As COVID-19 stay-at-home orders are lifted, supply chains, workforce planning, service models and growth plans will be affected. Learn how to respond.

In this white paper from Seyfarth, its COVID-19 Task Force of 100-plus attorneys provides a detailed blueprint for helping organizations work through pandemic-related legal, business, and workforce issues as they contemplate getting back to business. This Return to Business and Post-Pandemic Planning Checklist is designed to help organizations get started on a successful return.

Return to Business and Post-Pandemic Planning Checklist

This detailed guide ― organized by workforce, workplace, and business elements ― covers topics such as:

  • Determining your return-to-work team and which employees should return and when
  • Evaluating pay, schedule, and labor considerations, including policies on wearing protective asks and conducting temperature screenings
  • Handling employee refusals to work and requests to continue working remotely
  • Planning for future COVID-19 outbreaks
  • Selecting locations to reopen and employing social distancing practices
  • Managing your supply chain and inventory
  • Establishing PPE policies and practices
  • Managing economic stimulus loans and forgiveness programs and tax credits and payroll tax deferrals
  • Reviewing supply chain and vendor commitments and contracts
  • Handling workouts and distressed situations

Download this informative piece for detailed guidance on issues to consider and prepare for when reopening your business.