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Nucleus Research WFM Satisfaction Survey

Understanding the value of WFM platforms

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Nucleus Research surveyed 113 managers to understand their levels of satisfaction with their current workforce management solutions. Read the full report to learn how managers rated their satisfaction with bundled HCM-WFM versus standalone WFM solutions, and to learn about the ROI that standalone solutions can deliver.

Read the Nucleus Research report today to learn about the top WFM benefits that the surveyed managers reported, including labor optimization, scheduling automation, and employee self-service.

The report details compelling findings that customers should consider when choosing whether to invest in a WFM solution:

  • WFM can decrease turnover by 30 to 60 percent, thus eliminating associated expenses
  • Standalone WFM platforms return $12.24 for every dollar spent
  • Customers who utilize labor optimization functionality can reduce labor spend by more than 5 percent on average
  • Organizations that use scheduling automation can reduce the amount of time spent creating and adjusting schedules by an average of 75 percent

Download the report to deepen your understanding of the difference between bundled HCM-WFM solutions and standalone WFM solutions, explore potential ROI scenarios for your organization, and gain valuable insight on how WFM solutions are evolving to meet the distinct needs of today’s diverse and complex workforces.