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NEAT Evaluation for UKG Digital Payroll Services

Learn more about NelsonHall’s NEAT Evaluation of digital payroll solutions and explore expert analysis to help guide your payroll sourcing decisions.

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NEAT Evaluation for UKG Digital Payroll Services

Automation of the payroll function continues as organizations look to streamline processes, realize greater efficiencies, and improve the employee experience. With ongoing cost pressures, business leaders remain laser-focused on visibility into payroll costs, making robust payroll management a top priority for organizations of all sizes.

NelsonHall, a leading provider research and analysis, has identified UKG as a leader in the digital payroll capability market segment based on the company’s ability to deliver immediate benefits to its payroll services clients — and meet future requirements — by digitizing and transforming payroll operations.

This informative report provides valuable insights into:

  • The overall state of the payroll services market with a focus on digital payroll capabilities
  • How UKG stacks up against other digital payroll providers
  • UKG’s strategic strengths across AI, engagement tools, and HCM and WFM technologies
  • Buy-side dynamics including the latest payroll transformation initiatives and vendor selection criteria

This in-depth report can help strategic sourcing managers better understand the digital payroll market and UKG payroll offerings so they can make more informed purchase decisions.