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ISG Provider Lens™ Enterprise Application-as-a-Service Platforms Quadrant Report

Research report compares HCM provider strengths, challenges, and competitive differentiators.

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HR Service Delivery Digital Process Manager

ISG rated 33 providers for the ISG Provider Lens™ Enterprise Application-as-a-Service Platforms 2021 global study across three quadrants, illustrating the importance of SaaS during the pandemic and in enhancing efficiencies while controlling costs.

Read the report to learn more about trends that will further drive SaaS adoption:

  • APIs will continue to facilitate easy integration

  • Demand for vertical SaaS functionality is growing

  • Advanced mobile use is increasing, supporting completion of important tasks with ease

ISG research indicates that an increased number of organizations will adopt SaaS solutions to expand their business functions to support backend and frontend applications, rather than using on-premise solutions. Investments in cloud ERP, HCM, and CRM are expected to continue growing.

Download this report to learn more and see a comparison of specific provider strengths, challenges, and key differentiators.