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HR Decision-Making in Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

New research from the HR Research Institute reveals that SMBs lack strategic HR practices and technology to attract and retain top talent, streamline HR tasks, and make data-driven decisions.

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Report reveals how to transform HR at your smaller business into a strategic business asset

Gain insight into how to leverage strategic HR to boost business success, including the three key challenges faced by smaller businesses: attracting and retaining top talent, streamlining HR tasks, and making data-driven decisions.

of SMBs are most likely to be focused on recruitment, selection, and onboarding.
of SMBs say their HR operations are high in maturity.
of SMBs use HR technology at a strategic or advanced level.

Learn how to prioritize recruitment, onboarding, and cultivating a positive work environment to keep your employees happy and engaged plus discover how HR technology can automate tasks to free your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives that impact your business goals.

Download this report now to learn the secrets to transforming HR into a strategic asset that drives success for your small to mid-sized business.