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The Great Reset

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The Great Reset Research Report

High-performing organizations build HR-business partnerships to thrive in the “resilience economy.”

The pandemic magnified the importance of HR. This HCI report outlines three key challenges and how HR professionals and people managers can better communicate and collaborate to enable their organizations to succeed during times of change and beyond. 

of HPOs say HR has an understanding of manager operational best practices vs. 70% of others.
of HPOs feel consultation and collaboration are important HR skills vs. 59% of others.
of HPOs use tools to facilitate communication between HR and people managers vs. 53% of others.

Read the report to learn more about three key ways to build valuable HR-business relationships: 

  • Close confidence and credibility gaps by pursuing opportunities to grow your strategic HR capabilities 

  • Build more collaborative relationships by supporting the needs of your people managers while helping them develop their HR skills 

  • Make effective use of data by identifying the right tools and measures to enable the collection, analysis, and communication of data 

Effective HR-business partnerships are more important than ever. High-performing organizations have well-developed HR capabilities and HR expertise across their business units. And their HR professionals understand the business as well as HR best practices. 

Download this report for insights to help you reset HR-business partnerships and build a high-performance organization that thrives through change.