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The Future of Workforce Management— What Gartner Says: What UKG Dimensions Does

Learn what Gartner is saying about the future of workforce technology and get a glimpse of how UKG Dimensions™ innovation delivers.

UKG Dimensions (formerly Workforce Dimensions™) is built to handle changing employee and business needs — empowering managers to make better decisions faster while giving employees the tools they need to enhance their experience.

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The Future of Workforce Management — What Gartner Says: What UKG Dimensions Does

In a recent report, Gartner analysts advocate that organizations upgrade their workforce technology to a native cloud solution to gain access to next-generation capabilities and features that better meet the needs of their changing workforce. These new innovations are game-changing for industries with a large proportion of hourly paid workers. In this study summary, you’ll learn more about what Gartner is saying about the future of workforce technology, and see what UKG Dimensions does relating to topics such as:

  • Creating a fulfilling employee experience with modern workforce management processes
  • Giving managers more time to focus on strategic objectives
  • Providing new platforms that are cloud- and mobile-native
  • Reshaping how employees, managers, and organizations interact and engage with each other through various forms of artificial intelligence (AI)

Learn more about how you can prepare for the future of work by downloading this informative study summary outlining quotes from Gartner’s report and insight on what UKG Dimensions can do.