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The Future of Employee Engagement 2022-23

Read this report to help identify the problem of “quiet quitting” and the value of employee engagement.

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The ripple effect of The Great Resignation is still present among employees today. The emergence of “quiet quitting,” which refers to a lack of motivation in employees that only strive to complete the bare minimum requirement of work, has become a global issue. Coupled with the fact that remote work is more prevalent than it ever has been, it’s become even more difficult to connect with employees and motivate them to do their best work.

So, how can you identify employee disengagement in the workplace before it’s too late?

UKG partnered with the HR Research Institute at to understand how and why employee engagement levels decline and determine best practices for engagement success in The Future of Employee Engagement 2022-23 survey, distributed by

In this report, you will also discover:

  • Why engagement levels fluctuate in the workforce
  • How engagement is funded, supported, and measured
  • The primary benefits of engagement from an organizational perspective
  • Which talent initiatives help influence engagement
  • The commonality of using engagement tools
  • Best practices associated with engagement success

Read the report to recognize the signs of employee disengagement and learn how you can decrease the risk of quiet quitting in your workplace.