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ERP or Best-of-Breed HCM? The Debate Continues

Get a fresh perspective in this new report from Technology Evaluation Centers.

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Leading corporations have long turned to one of two approaches in solving their largest workforce and payroll challenges: enterprise resource planning (ERP) with basic human capital management (HCM) built in, or a best-of-breed portfolio of HCM solution for HR, payroll, and talent management. Now, a new Technology Evaluation Centers report highlights the pros and cons of each approach in order to help employers find the best option for the unique needs of their organization.

Grab the report and discover:

  • The benefits and limitations of all-in-one ERPs
  • Recent advancements in best-of-breed technology for compliance, earned wage access, feedback and sentiment analysis
  • Tips for due diligence in establishing your specific requirements and attaining your ideal workflows

Find the right approach for your organization with this impactful report.