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The Coronavirus Impact: 20 Long-Lasting Changes We Expect

Find out how the Coronavirus is expected to impact everything from the economy and workforce technology, to employee engagement and productivity and how digital transformation can help your organization better prepare for those changes.

The Coronavirus Impact: 20 Long-Lasting Changes We Expect

Experts at 451 Research® are sharing what they anticipate will be the 20 long-lasting changes we should expect from the Coronavirus impact and how technology can help organizations better manage through those changes, including:

  • Data-driven workforce planning — to better manage major workforce reductions, furloughs, hiring freezes, and more
  • Regularization of workforce management — to standardize and set expectations across the workforce
  • Employee engagement — to shift from simple measurement to more concerted efforts at culture building
  • Security and compliance — to more adequately support external collaboration and remote workers

Download this informative research report to learn how you can prepare your organization for the changes coming and how you can get an empowered edge to lead the way to an even stronger business future.