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AI Is Key to Elevating the Deskless Worker Experience

Read this report from The Josh Bersin Company about how organizations can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to elevate the frontline worker experience.

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AI for the Deskless Experience

Explore opportunities to improve productivity, performance, and engagement among frontline workers using AI

Of the approximately 3.32 billion workers worldwide, 81% have what are considered frontline roles. But this part of the workforce isn’t receiving the same level of the employee experience as their counterparts. AI can help change that. From streamlining communication to providing personalized training, AI is revolutionizing the way deskless workers engage with their roles and their organizations. Organizations need to prioritize AI as a means of investing in their frontline workers to help increase engagement and retention rates.

This report delves into the “Seven Critical Cs of Deskless Work” that leaders should focus on when it comes to leveraging AI for frontline workers, starting with:


Deskless workers are the face of the business, interacting closely with customers, so they need resources to help improve the customer experience.


Managers must be trained to provide effective feedback to deskless workers who need “always-on feedback” to improve their performance.


Given the nature of their jobs, deskless workers cannot work remotely, so they should be supported with helpful commute options and an environment that fosters belonging.

Organizations must offer the right tools and technologies that recognize and support frontline workers and create a sense of community and inclusion for them, and AI plays an integral part of the strategy. The world’s best companies have embraced AI-powered solutions to enhance communication, deliver on-demand access to resources, automate manual tasks, and offer tailored learning experiences — reaping the benefits of greater productivity, performance, and engagement.

This report from The Josh Bersin Company provides an in-depth look at how to bring an AI strategy to life to create a positive employee experience for deskless workers.