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Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan

Vice President, People Operations, Level Agency


Sarah Morgan has been a practicing HR executive for over 20 years in the retail, restaurant, and light industrial industries. She has worked behind the scenes leading HR for such brands as Jiffy Lube, KFC, Taco Bell, ADT Home Security, and more. In 2021, Sarah stepped away from being a traditional corporate HR practitioner. She is now the Director of Equity and Inclusion for Humareso, working with customers nationwide to create workplaces where people from traditionally marginalized identities can better thrive. In 2011, Sarah blasted onto the social media scene under the pen name “Buzz Rooney” with her blog, The Buzz on HR. Over 10 years later, the pen name is gone — but her voice as an influencer is stronger than ever. Sarah is the creator and curator of the #BlackBlogsMatter and #BlackPodsMatter challenge, which recognizes the unique content creation of Black bloggers and podcasters as well as drives thought-provoking conversations around equity and anti-racism. She is also the creator and host of the Leading in Color podcast, a show centered on cultivating positive workplace experiences through diversity, inclusion, and social consciousness. 

What she’s passionate about: Her family, friends, and dog, as well as food, reality TV, and rest.