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Pay Equity Resources and Insights

Join UKG in making pay equity a priority. Stay informed about the existing wage gap and take an active approach to foster change — one learning opportunity and one milestone at a time.

Leverage the resources on this page to learn more about what you can do to help balance the pay scales, not just for women but for all people fighting for change to achieve pay equity.

Pay Equity Resources and Insights

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Check out our latest information and resources to learn more about what you can do to support the pay equity initiative.

UKG and NWSL Partnership: More than a Moment, It’s a Movement

UKG and NWSL Partnership: More than a Moment, It’s a Movement

UKG Chief BD&E Officer Brian Reaves discusses the fight for pay equity and why the NWSL is the perfect teammate.

Webinar | Beyond Pay Equity - The Impact Of Arbitrary Gender Roles At Work

Learn more about the historical perspectives of gender in corporate America and explore the essential steps to creating a more equitable future.

LeanIn.Org | Every Woman Deserves Fair Pay. The Data Says: It's Time to Close the Gap.

Closing the pay gap isn’t just a win for women. According to LeanIn.Org, if women were paid fairly, we could cut the poverty rate in half and inject over $500 billion into the economy.

Workforce Institute | Preparing for Pay Equity: Workforce Institute Weigh-In for March 2022

The Workforce Institute Weigh-In addresses the critical topic of pay equity and, more specifically, working to “close the gap.”

Insights from Our Pay Equity Partners

  • LeanIn.Org | Women Are Paid Less Than Men — And the Gap is Closing Too Slowly

    This Equal Pay Day, LeanIn.Org is sounding the alarm for the women who have been pushed to the edge of poverty by Covid-19 and a system that’s long been stacked against them.

  • 9to5 | Let’s Talk About the Gender Pay Gap

    Starting the conversation about pay with your coworkers can feel taboo, but working together in our workplaces is the most powerful tool we have to fight inequity.

  • LeanIn.Org | 2021 Women in the Workplace: The State of Women in Corporate America

    Women in the Workplace is the largest comprehensive study of the state of women in corporate America. LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company have published this report annually to help companies advance women.

  • SODI | The Gender Gap in Self-Promotion

    Despite gender gaps in pay shrinking over the past few decades, women continue to earn less than men. But this gap can be traced back to how individuals evaluate self-performance and even influence success in being hired, promoted, and paid.

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    Additional Pay Equity Resources

    • Webinar | Pay Equity: Advancing & Retaining Women in the Workplace

      Learn strategies that help organizations achieve pay equity, advance women in the workplace, and drive meaningful change.

    • What's the Impact of 18¢ ?

      Women in the U.S. earn only 82¢ for every dollar that a man earns. The 18¢ pay gap creates financial inequality for millions of women — and the gap gets even wider for women of color — impacting every facet of their lives and the welfare of their families.

    • Money Talks and So Should You

      Pay Equity is real and translates into two types of gaps – uncontrolled and controlled. Begin your journey with the right mindset to achieving and maintaining pay equity.

    • Workforce Institute | Critical Steps for Closing the Pay Equity Gap

      This article from Workforce Institute advisory board member Kate Bischoff provides critical steps organizations can take to start closing the pay-equity gap.

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    UKG Launches Multimillion- Dollar Pay Equity Initiative

    UKG will help close the wage gap for women and girls by providing equitable access to opportunity, education, and fair workplaces.

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