Partner for Life

Technology is only as great as the people behind it, which is why we believe in building life-long, trusted partnerships with our customers. That’s why our Partner for Life approach is at the heart of everything we do. What does that mean for you? We’ve built teams of UKG experts to ensure you feel known, supported, and confident while achieving your long-term business goals. In fact, more than half of our organization is dedicated to supporting our customers.

Introducing your UKG strategic partners:

  • Executive Relationship Manager (ERM) – We believe that having a dedicated relationship manager is important to your success, which is why your ERM is entirely focused on your long-term business goals. Your ERM will guide you through industry trends and shifts, provide you with regular touch points like business reviews, as well as strategic planning discussions to help you optimize your UKG solutions.

If you previously worked with Kronos Customer Success, your ERM is your new contact. Whether your ERM is new to you, or you’ve worked with them before, think of them as your UKG advisor. Your ERM's goal is to help you be great at what you do!

  • Sales and Renewal experts – Because we feel so strongly that your ERM’s sole purpose is to focus on your goals, you’ll work with additional UKG experts who will help you expand your solution or renew your contract. If you haven’t already met your Sales and Renewal teams, they will reach out to you soon.
  • Customer Success Consultant (CSC) – You need a dedicated advocate in your corner, providing proactive guidance and service to help you realize the continuous value of your entire UKG investment. That’s where your CSC will play a key role. In the past, many of you relied heavily on your Lead Account Manager (LAM). Now, your CSC will be your primary day-to-day contact. Independent from your ERM, your CSC will focus on proactive engagements that enable adoption and utilization of your UKG solutions.

More than what you’ve come to expect from traditional customer support:

You and your teams have complex jobs and busy days. UKG Customer Success is here to guide you through the complicated, but very necessary, parts of your job. We have your back every step of the way to ensure you have more time to do what you do best – take care of your people.

Getting easy access to the right resources when you need help is important, so we’ve streamlined and simplified the ways you can interact with us.

  • For routine, day-to-day support inquiries, you can continue to reach UKG Customer Success via phone, live chat, email, or by submitting a case in the Community.
    • If you worked with Kronos Global Support (KGS) in the past, you will now work with UKG Customer Success.
  • Have a payroll-critical or deadline-sensitive situation? Our Rapid Response Contact Center is available as a live support channel when you need it. Reach out via a toll-free number or live online chat. Our teams will work with you to gather additional information, explain resolution options, and conduct real-time knowledge transfer.
  • When you have a Payment Services inquiry, we want to ensure you’re routed to the UKG team best suited to speak to your specific question or need. As a result, we’ve broadened our UKG Payment Services support model. That means we are changing the role of the Named Tax Representative (NTR) as a point of contact and leveraging their expertise across client cases. The best way to reach our Payment Services Support Team is to create a Tax case in the UKG Ultimate Community.

We’re continuing to make improvements to the ways we support you, and while we know change can be difficult, rest assured that that we are making these changes with you in mind. Our goals are simple:

  • Ensure your inquiries are routed directly to the right UKG expert who can best help you
  • Remove bottlenecks in the support process, ensuring your needs are met quickly
  • Provide you with faster response and resolution times

Keeping you informed is important, so keep an eye out for more information about our Partner for Life approach throughout the year. And as always, we look forward to continuing to serve as your partner and trusted advisor.