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UKG for Trucking Industry Brief
UKG for Trucking Industry Brief
How a UKG solution provides new ways to increase capacity and drive profitability.
Trucking is changing rapidly on and off the road. We’re here to help you navigate with solutions that optimize labor and profits, attract and retain talent, and maintain flexibility for your drivers and staff.

Why UKG for Trucking?

We offer powerful solutions to help you attract and retain talent, increase productivity, empower your workforce, and deliver the best results from points A to B.

  • cost-control

    Control Labor Costs

    Easily process payroll for your entire workforce and gain transparency for more accurate paychecks.

  • Support person 2 icon

    Improve Employee Experience

    Promote flexibility and empower employees with self-service tools that make swapping shifts and time off requests simple.

  • Chart bar statistics icon

    View Real-time Metrics and Improve Compliance

    View profitability metrics on convenient dashboards that integrate with Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) to improve bidding and billing efficiency and compliance with Hours of Services (HOS).

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