Third Party Logistics

Third Party Logistics

Improve employee productivity and engagement while increasing profitability

Kronos para Logística
UKG for Third-Party Logistics Industry Brief
UKG for Logistics can help third-party logistics providers control labor costs, improve workforce productivity, and minimize compliance risk.
As supply chains are becoming more global, you need to adapt fast to stay competitive. See how UKG can help optimize your workforce so you can meet demands and increase profits.

Why UKG for Third Party Logistics?

Our powerful solutions help you boost productivity while improving employee engagement and retention — all to drive gains to your bottom line.

  • cost-control

    Control Labor Costs

    Get real-time analytics and visibility into every project, shift, or work event, eliminating uncertainty.

  • global-compliance

    Reduce Compliance Risk

    Keep up with ever-changing industry regulations and complex pay and attendance policies to help ensure proper compliance.

  • Support person 2 icon

    Elevate the Employee Experience

    Leverage our Life-work Technology and self-service tools that help manage complex schedules, allow easy shift swaps, and improve the employee experience.

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