Non-Acute Care Settings

Non-Acute Care

Set your aim on care that works smarter

UKG for Healthcare: In times of uncertainty, your people plan is the key to stability and success
UKG for Healthcare Solution Guide
Your people plan is the key to stability in times of uncertainty.
We’re here to help you build an empowered workforce that can balance quality patient care with operational demands. See why thousands of care facilities nationwide use UKG® solutions daily to help them succeed.

Why UKG for Non-Acute Care?

We offer powerful solutions to help your employees simplify complex processes and offer seamless patient care.

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    Proactive compliance

    Track regular and contract staff hours, and stay on top of changing state and governmental compliance regulations.

  • cost-control

    Control operational costs

    Automate and simplify administrative processes so caregivers can stay focused on patient needs, while avoiding costly overtime.

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    Employee self-service

    Empower and engage your employees with mobile and employee self-service options that offer greater efficiency and flexibility.


Don’t take our word for it.

Healthcare Organization Saves Time and Money with UKG Ready

Learn how this statewide Orthopedic practice used UKG to revamp and streamline their onboarding process and training, in addition to offering an easy access self-service dashboard to handle the needs of their employees.

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