UKG Dimensions for Manufacturing Demo Center

Transform the Employee Experience to Fuel Operational Excellence

Submitted by david.pothier on Tue, 06/28/2022 - 17:43
Part 1
Part 1 Introduction: The Executive Experience

Discover how UKG Dimensions give executives visibility to critical KPIs which inform strategic decision making.

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Part 2
Part 2 The Hourly Employee Experience

Learn how UKG Dimensions empowers hourly team members so they can thrive at work — and at home.

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Part 3
Part 3 The Frontline Manager Experience

See how UKG Dimensions gives managers real-time insight and decision-support tools to enable operational agility.

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Part 4
Part 4 Conclusion: The Executive Experience

Discover how UKG Dimensions delivers business intelligence to drive continuous improvement across the organization.

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