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Help your people excel in a changing era of academia

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UKG for Higher Education
Gain visibility across all departments, functional areas, and employees.
Whether you’re managing a professional, union, or student workforce — or all of the above — see how our solutions can help your people stay flexible, responsive, and results-driven.

We offer powerful HCM and workforce management solutions that help you get more from your resources while maintaining academic excellence.

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    One Unified System

    Handle all your human resource and workforce management needs through one point of entry. Plus, augment and integrate with existing ERPs to save time.

  • Control Costs

    Simplify Scheduling

    Apply user-defined pay and work rules for professional, union, and student workforces to help improve payroll accuracy and reduce compliance risk.

  • Drive a Better Employee Experience

    Streamline hiring and retain and engage top talent with solutions that support both their work and well-being — and inspire them to bring that same focus to student interactions.

Customer Stories

Don't take our word for it

Temple University Logo

“… our new [UKG] system is a lot simpler and a lot faster.”

Temple University leverages its UKG solution to streamline tracking student worker time, and cuts payroll time by 67% and accruals reconciliation time by 75%.

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"Now, we have real-time analytics and can run a report right away.”

LECOM gained workforce visibility on key issues like overtime, employee sentiment, time tracking, and scheduling by implementing UKG Ready.

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Pace University

"[UKG] makes it easier, so we can spend time doing the things we need to do…."

Pace University replaced error-prone manual timekeeping processes with UKG Workforce Timekeeper to gain efficiency, accuracy, and reduce compliance risks.

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