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Empower the distribution center workforce
How Can You Empower the Workforce Across Your Distribution Center?
Explore how UKG solutions improve the employee experience and drive operational excellence.
Your people are your competitive advantage. See how our solutions can help you grow and nurture a workforce that can adapt to changing business needs.

Why UKG for Distribution?

Discover solutions to match your workstream needs, so you can attract and retain employees, manage costs, handle variability, and keep your people engaged.

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    Control Labor Costs

    Get real-time access to operations data so you can address key workforce challenges .

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    Improve the Employee Experience

    Manage complex schedules and enhance the employee experience with self-service tools to automate processes such as shift swaps and time-off requests.

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    View Real-Time Metrics & Improve Compliance

    View metrics on convenient dashboards to improve scheduling while maintaining compliance with ever-changing industry regulations and complex internal pay and attendance policies.

Customer Stories

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The Truth About Overtime in Distribution
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White Paper
The Truth About Overtime in Distribution

The strategic, planned use of overtime helps you operate more efficiently and safely, meet productivity goals, increase employee engagement, and limit turnover.

GKU for Distribution
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UKG for Distribution Industry Brief

Looking for new ways to drive profitability? Optimize employee productivity and control costs, and you’re able to gain a competitive edge.

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