Contract Services

Contract Services

Deliver results and drive future opportunities

Industry brief
UKG for Contract Services Industry Brief
Deliver an outstanding customer experience that drives repeat business.
Whether you’re providing cleaning services, security, or other contracted services, we can help you deliver exceptional customer service while growing your business and making every minute count.

Why UKG for Contract Services?

Our solutions help you get the most out of your process and your people — so you can deliver experiences that keep customers happy and employees engaged.

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    Control Labor Costs

    Get real-time access analysis and visibility into every project, shift, or work event within the workday, eliminating uncertainty.

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    Reduce Compliance Risk

    Adhere to labor laws with employee attestation of all hours, meals, and breaks.

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    Increase Employee Engagement

    Help managers align employees in the right place at the right time to meet customer service expectations.

Customer Stories

Don't take our word for it

Servicon Systems Logo

“[UKG] took the time to understand our business, our people, our challenges....”

Servicon Systems leverages UKG Ready to improve productivity, streamline payroll and client invoicing, and ensure employees are paid correctly.

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Environment Control Logo

“… mobile, schedule, and labor visibility [with UKG Ready] has been critical for us.”

Environment Control is using UKG Ready to streamline hiring and onboarding new employees and has visibility into daily labor data to better manage labor costs.

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