Stay connected to your workers, wherever they’re working

Construction Builds Bigger with UKG
Construction Builds Bigger with UKG
Construction companies turn to technology to manage their human capital.
From remote job sites to urban settings, your people are needed in many places. See how we can help your workforce stay connected and productive, no matter where in the field they’re working.

Why UKG for Construction?

We offer intelligent HCM and workforce management solutions that help you build a better employee experience and drive successful projects.

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    Real-Time Analytics

    Get real-time access to operational data so you can address key workforce challenges in the moment.

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    Anytime, Anywhere Mobile Access

    Connect and empower your workforce with access to view work-related information, swap shifts, and make time-off requests from anywhere, including remote job sites.

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    Geo-Fenced Punching

    Restrict clocking options to only when employees are on the job site with geo-fencing punch capabilities and offline data collection options.

Customer Stories

Don't take our word for it

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“[With UKG,] we feel confident that … we’re in compliance with regulations.”

Weir ESCO has real-time global workforce data with its UKG solution for faster informed decisions, and consistently applies local work rules for compliance.

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