Clinician Providers

Clinician Providers

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UKG for Healthcare Scheduling Solution Guide
UKG for Healthcare Scheduling Solution Guide
Explore automated technology solutions that empower you to schedule an engaged, efficient workforce across the continuum of care.
Schedule physicians, residents, hospitalists, advanced practice nurses (APN), or clinical staff in procedural environments like the OR, GI, or Cath Lab — for next-level care with flexibility and transparency for staff and on-call providers.

Why UKG for Clinician Providers?

Discover tools that can help you maintain a healthy life-work balance for your providers, while delivering high-quality patient care.

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    Automated scheduling

    Create balanced on-call schedules utilizing a scheduling process that is fast, efficient, and fair — while ensuring appropriate provider and specialty coverage.

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    Recruit and retain top talent

    Empower candidates to easily apply for jobs and enable employees with access to quickly complete daily tasks such as manage time, update personnel information, check pay, and swap shifts.

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    Manage schedules from anywhere

    Access schedules right from your mobile device  so you can easily view schedules, initiate call and shift swaps, and manage time-off requests on the go.

Specialized Clinician Providers Solutions

Check out this selection of specialized product offerings designed to meet your unique industry needs.

UKG EzCall


Designed to meet the scheduling needs of physicians, hospitalists, residents, advanced practice nurses (APNs), and clinical staff in highly dynamic procedural environments — so you can easily manage complex call and staff schedules, and daily OR/Procedural assignments.

Customer Stories

Don't take our word for it

Anesthesia Practice Consultants Logo

“I can’t say enough good things about the pressure it takes off my plate …"

Anesthesia Practice Consultants leveraged EZCall to empower staff self-service, save time creating equitable call assignments, and reduce staff fatigue.

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UKG EZCall for Physicians Features and Benefits

UKG EZCall for Physicians is a leading automated scheduling solution that creates flexible, fair, and equitable physician work schedules. UKG EZCall helps organizations make smarter physician staffing decisions in less time.

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Clinical Expertise Within UKG

Discover how our deep healthcare expertise surrounding people, technology, and leadership can make a big difference to your organization.

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