How does an ATS help with recruiting?


What Does ATS Stand for?

An applicant tracking system or ATS is your HR and Recruiting team's lifesaver. An ATS can electronically handle all your recruitment needs through a software application, by sifting through top applicants to reduce time-to-hire while still finding quality candidates.

How Does ATS Help with Recruiting?

The hiring process is difficult for both the candidate and the recruiter. For candidates, all job postings start to blend together, while recruiters and HR spend countless hours sifting through resumes, conducting interviews, and sharing their notes. That's where an applicant tracking system comes in.

ATS helps make the hiring process more streamlined and engaging for all parties by reducing the time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, while matching organizations with top talent they might have missed otherwise. Some features include:

  • Customization - Create an engaging candidate-centric recruiting feature to make the application process unique. From being able to edit applications, assessing soft skills, and including social share options.
  • Easy Collaboration - Easily track where candidates are in the hiring process, review their application, and connect with other interviewers, HR, or recruiters to compare candidate notes.
  • Configuration - As a recruiter you can easily configure job postings, edit descriptions, pull analytics, create meeting requests, and send offer letters from one platform.