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Tap into the power and potential of your people with UKG® time and attendance solutions. Automate people operations and gain greater insights to help you make informed business decisions and ensure compliance.

Empower Your Teams to Make Better Decisions That Move Your Business Forward

Automate the tedious, routine tasks that can burden your team, such as tracking employee time, data collection, and attendance. With UKG time and attendance solutions all of your pertinent data will be easily accessible in one place, and you’ll be automatically notified when a relevant action is needed — helping your people more easily control overtime and other associated labor costs, while also minimizing compliance risk.


Common Challenges Solved

Automate Time and Attendance

Automate Time and Attendance

Move beyond manual processes and streamline administrative tasks that can burden your people managers. Maximize productivity by automating routine tasks such as time collection, approving and running timesheets, responding to time-off requests, and correcting exceptions.

And with automated, real-time notifications you can provide intelligent alerts and reminders when actions are required to help save time and better meet the needs of your employees. Whether your workforce is on site or remote, hourly or salaried, you can be confident that you’re making informed time and attendance decisions — in real time — to best meet your business needs.

Gain Greater Visibility

Gain Greater Visibility

Without visibility into detailed schedule information — such as who’s off, hours worked, overtime, and punching exceptions — it makes it difficult for people managers to focus on business objectives. But with pertinent information available at a glance, including proactive recommendations based on your business, your people managers will spend less time chasing information and more time moving the business forward.

Maintain Compliance

Maintain Compliance

Staying in compliance with federal, state, local, and company-specific policies is complex, and noncompliance can be costly. With an automated time and attendance solution, you can eliminate potential for human error and minimize compliance risk by automating the calculation of hours, overtime, and holidays. Proactive notifications provide recommended next steps before errors occur to help you quickly adjust your actions. In addition, as regulatory changes occur, you’ll have access to the latest updates for fast and accurate adherence to state and federal regulations.

Time and Attendance Solutions Designed to Support Your People

Provide your team with the most powerful time and attendance solution to help automate routine tasks all in one place.

Workforce Management for Midsized to Large Organizations

UKG Dimensions™ provides AI-powered workforce solutions infused with tailored industry experiences to provide operational insights the empower your people.

Impactful HR Service Delivery

UKG HR Service Delivery™ provides a better way to support employee requests and their important life-work moments, through HR digitisation, process automation, and service-level insights.

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