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UKG industry workforce management and HR solutions provide the purpose-built technology with the power and capability to support your business — no matter where you are located or in which industry you specialize. We can help you support and inspire all your people to keep them feeling productive, connected, and happy.

Industry Solutions

Industries We Serve

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  • Financial Services
    Financial Services

    Financial Services

    UKG for Financial Services offers workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions, as well as a selection of specialized product offerings designed to help financial institutions minimize compliance risk, increase workforce productivity and control labor costs. More than 250 Financial Services organizations use UKG to support their operations daily.

    To support your specialized needs, we provide industry solutions for the following financial services categories:

    • Banking
    • Credit Unions
    • Insurance

    Financial Services Customer Stories / Resources

    Learn how our financial services customers leverage UKG purpose-built industry solutions to meet their needs, and access industry focused thought leadership tools and resources to help you make more informed workforce and business decisions.

    • Vancity

      "We have transformed the employee experience with UKG Pro and UKG Dimensions and we are excited about the future. UKG is showing us that customers remain its top priority. We were given a voice and a channel to express our needs, and, just as in previous years, they truly listened.”

      Marky Payne, Manager of HR Systems and Reporting, Vancity

    • Community Bank

      “Prior to using UKG we had approximately a 5% error rate in our payroll…to me that’s completely unacceptable. Since we’ve implemented UKG fully across the organization, our error rate is pretty much zero.”

      Lorie Semmel, Director of HR Operations, Community Bank

    • Educational Employees Credit Union

      “With UKG Appointments, everything flows much better. We are able to efficiently track appointments and assign members to the right employees based on the requested service."

      Freddy Martin, Branch Operations Analyst, Educational Employees Credit Union

    • Fred Loya Insurance

      “By having UKG, it’s a lot easier to manage the workforce and do planning to ensure we stay in compliance.”

      Robert Estrada, HR director, Fred Loya Insurance

    • Alpine Bank

      “Employees no longer have to struggle to get information—it’s right there for them.”

      Kristi Shelton, Executive Vice President, Alpine Bank

    • Independent Bank

      “The strength of UKG’s ‘Our purpose is people” culture is visible not only in the national recognition UKG has received, but also in the quality of the company’s HR software and the incredible level of support we receive from UKG employees. With UKG’s culture serving as a model, and Pro improving our people operations, I have the inspiration and tools to achieve my own goal of continuing to make Independent Bank a great place to work.“

      Jack Klott, Vice President of Human Resources, Independent Bank

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      A Day in the Life with UKG for Banking

      UKG for Banking provides HR tools that empower your teams to succeed and retail banking solutions that help deliver a superior branch experience.

    • Public Sector
      Public Sector

      Public Sector

      UKG for Public Sector addresses the unique workforce challenges from both the government and education sectors for over 2,500 customers. With labor being the costliest and most controllable expense, this is a primary focus area for many public entities. UKG provides automation to highly repetitive processes including time and attendance, absence management, HR, payroll, and scheduling.

      To support your specialized needs, we provide industry solutions for the following public sector categories:

      • Higher Education
      • K-12
      • State and Local Government
      • Federal Government
      • Police and Corrections
      • Fire and EMS


      Public Sector Customer Stories / Resources

      Learn how our public sector customers leverage UKG purpose-built industry solutions to meet their needs, and access industry focused thought leadership tools and resources to help you make more informed workforce and business decisions.

      • Boulder County

        “With UKG, we’ve gotten rid of paper, consistently apply our policies across all departments, can audit entries, check payroll on a high-end audit basis, and track grant-funded projects… . UKG allowed us to streamline project accounting after the 2013 flood for FEMA reimbursement. It has vastly improved our accuracy and reporting.”

        Karen Eifler, HRIS Specialist, Boulder County

      • Kansas State University

        “We had six people working 30 hours every two-week pay period handling paper processes. Now [with UKG] we have one FTE working 40 hours every pay period. We’ve also decreased the mistakes made with manual processes by 30 to 40%. We’re confident we’re paying people accurately and consistently.”

        Bridget Seemann, Assistant Director of Human Resources, Administrative Support Center, Kansas State University

      • KIPP SoCal

        “Part of our focus at KIPP SoCal is let’s work smarter, not harder, so let’s aim to automate as many processes as we can because we know when things are automated, there’s less room for error.”

        Bertha Hernandez, Data Manager, KIPP SoCal

      • UKG at Work in Local Government

        UKG™ for Local Government solutions help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and maintain accountability and transparency.

      • UKG at Work in State Government

        UKG™ for State Government solutions help control costs, minimize compliance risk, and maintain accuracy, accountability, and transparency — all critical for saving budget dollars and protecting services.

      • UKG for Higher Education

        UKG™ for Higher Education helps control costs, improve workforce productivity, and maximize budgets. Our solutions help you manage your professional, union, auxiliary, and student workforces all at the same time with automated tools that streamline processes and help rein in costs.

      • UKG for K-12 Solutions

        Paper-based HR processes in K-12 school districts drain HR staff time. Learn how automating core HR functions with UKG for K-12 HR solutions streamlines managing HR tasks, giving staff more time to focus on people and strategic activities instead of on paperwork.

      • What Does Workforce Management Have to Do with a Crisis? Everything.

        State and local governments must be prepared to manage their workforce in a crisis. Learn how UKG solutions deliver valuable workforce management support, from labor tracking and reporting to teleworking and cloud services that make governments more agile.

      • UKG at Work in Corrections

        UKG™ for Corrections helps your correctional facility control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

      • Q&A with the Experts: Using Technology to Manage Your K-12 Workforce

        Tracking employee time during a forced school closure can be challenging. Learn from K-12 leaders and industry experts in highlights from Using Technology to Manage Your K-12 Workforce how schools can capture time and ensure compliance.

      • UKG for Federal Work-Study

        Colleges that accept Federal Work Study (FWS) funds for student workers must meet strict criteria. Learn how UKG for Higher Education tracks required data to help ensure compliance and continued FWS funding, streamlining program management and reporting.

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      • Healthcare


        UKG for Healthcare provides advanced, clinically focused workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions designed to improve employee engagement, productivity, and the delivery of quality patient service. More than 3,500 acute care hospitals and 10,000 post-acute care organizations representing the entire continuum of care use UKG daily.

        To support your specialized needs, we provide industry solutions for the following healthcare categories:

        • Health Systems
        • Acute Care Hospitals
        • Post-Acute and Senior Living
        • Non-Acute Care Settings
        • Clinician Providers

        Healthcare Customer Stories / Resources

        Learn how our healthcare customers leverage UKG purpose-built industry solutions to meet their needs, and access industry focused thought leadership tools and resources to help you make more informed workforce and business decisions.

        • Geisinger Health System

          “Between the visibility, mobile flexibility, and workforce management integration that EZCall has to offer, our employees, their redeployment managers, and their primary managers had a source of truth about where employees were and at what time. That was important as we were trying to figure out how to redeploy staff at this volume.”

          Brittany Drumm, Administrative Fellow, Geisinger Health System

        • The Iowa Clinic

          “We’re not saving lives in HR, but our physicians are, and so we’re delighted that UKG Pro expedites their administrative responsibilities.”

          Renee Gibson, Director of Human Resources, The Iowa Clinic

        • University of Illinois Health

          “We needed the ability to integrate our staff scheduling with timekeeping, have analytics to enable our workforce management to have a very co-principled approach, and have one solution that provides basic and advanced scheduling, leave administration, and timekeeping. Also, it’s a misnomer that the Dimensions advanced scheduling solution is just for acute-care inpatient scheduling. We know it’s an enterprisewide solution.”

          Sean Waite, Senior Director of Human Resources, UI Health

        • AMSURG

          “One of the best wins for our business has been with UKG Pro Performance Reviews, which makes it so much easier for managers and employees to participate in the process. We consider UKG Pro’s talent solution golden, because it enables us to make a strategic impact by aligning employee goals and performance with business objectives.”

          Regina Jones, Director of Compensation and Benefits, AMSURG

        • Anesthesia Practice Consultants

          “EZCall is a powerful, fantastic tool and has applications not just for anesthesia and the OR but across all of healthcare and specialties. I can’t say enough good things about the pressure it takes off my plate and the plate of our schedulers by being a solid system we can rely on.”

          Jack Dillon, MBA, MSHR, Executive Director, Anesthesia Practice Consultants

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          UKG for Healthcare Scheduling Solution Guide

          Empower your workforce with flexible scheduling solutions. Find out how scheduling is key to building an engaged, empowered workforce – and how UKG™ solutions can help simplify complex scheduling processes across the continuum of care.

        • Distribution & 3PL
          Distribution & 3PL

          Distribution and 3PL

          UKG for Logistics provides workforce management and human capital management cloud technology to help logistics organizations control labor costs by automating error-prone processes, link labor costs to orders to account for every dollar spent, allocate and align labor to demand with best-fit schedules, and view order status in real time to make labor adjustments and meet delivery deadlines.

          To support your specialized needs, we provide industry solutions for the following distribution and 3PL categories:

          • Logistics
          • Distribution
          • Trucking

          Distribution and 3PL Customer Stories / Resources

          Learn how our distribution and 3PL customers leverage UKG purpose-built industry solutions to meet their needs, and access industry focused thought leadership tools and resources to help you make more informed workforce and business decisions.

          • Lipari Foods

            “The time that managers spent on time-off approvals, tracking time off, and attendance issues has probably gone down 75%. Before, all that time was wasted on unproductive tasks.”

            Brian Zilo, SPHR, Senior Vice President of HR, Lipari Foods

          • S. Abraham & Sons, Inc.

            “UKG has definitely reduced our errors. There’s cost savings from a payroll standpoint, and HR has more time to devote to employees vs. systems. The payroll processing error rate has come down drastically.”

            John Reinke, Vice President of HR, S. Abraham & Sons, Inc.

          • Central Freight Lines

            “UKG understands the challenges we face around different overtime requirements and exemptions for the trucking industry. We have some rules that we’ve had for some time, and UKG has been very agile in accommodating those for us. They have a lot of customers in the logistics space and have been doing this a long time.”

            Scott Spray, Director of Human Resources, Central Freight Lines

          • Bring ELD Data to life for Strategic Business Insights

            Discover the value of integrating ELD data with labor management reporting to gain more complete visibility into labor operations.

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            UKG for Logistics Solution Guide

            As logistics companies find themselves at the crossroads of a demand-driven supply chain and rising customer expectations, they need every advantage they can get to stay competitive and remain a vendor of choice. Gain a competitive advantage by optimizing labor with workforce solutions.

          • Manufacturing


            More than 5,500 manufacturers globally leverage UKG for Manufacturing solutions to create great work experiences for their employees, gain unprecedented operational insight, and empower intelligent decision making to drive better business outcomes.

            To support your specialized needs, we provide solutions for organizations in every segment of manufacturing including but not limited to:

            • Food processing
            • Automotive
            • Energy
            • Life Sciences
            • Aerospace and Defense
            • Construction

            Manufacturing Customer Stories / Resources

            Learn how our manufacturing customers leverage UKG purpose-built industry solutions to meet their needs, and access industry focused thought leadership tools and resources to help you make more informed workforce and business decisions.

            • Precor

              “When we saw the Outlook Add-In with UKG Dimensions, we really liked it. Employees can use UKG directly from Outlook without having to go to the application, and managers can access and manage tasks, such as time-off requests, more quickly. It’s easy to use and saves our employees time.”

              Kim Abel, Payroll and UKG Administrator, Precor

            • Essity

              “We found that we were able to reduce the number of employees per shift and still meet production demands with appropriate scheduling, and not based on what the manager thinks is best for the business, but what the application [UKG Dimensions] is telling us is best for the business.”

              Sean Brown, Global Systems Administrator, Essity

            • ProcessBarron

              “The UKG Pro mobile app and direct access have revolutionized the way employees think about their jobs.”

              Christina Goins, Compensation and Benefits Manager, ProcessBarron

            • Weir ESCO

              “[With UKG] we feel confident that we have accurate hours and we’re in compliance with regulations. By recording start and stop times we can provide accurate timekeeping records for employees. As we got more sites on UKG, we have had better accuracy in our total incident rate reporting and financial hours reporting.”

              Nancy Schmugge, Principal HRIS Analyst, Weir ESCO

            • Hoyt Archery

              “UKG Ready does administrative tasks for me so I have more time and energy to focus on employee engagement, strategic planning, and in building this employee-employer brand that makes people want to work for Hoyt Archery.”

              Lindsay Mattes, HR Manager, Hoyt Archery

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              • ARIA Las Vegas + Virtual

                UKG Works 2021

                Join workforce visionaries and technology experts for a 2 ½ day onsite or live virtual conference for UKG Dimensions, UKG Ready, UKG Workforce Central, UKG TeleStaff, UKG Workforce Planner, and UKG iSeries Central customers who are passionate about creating more meaningful work experiences.

              • Wynn Las Vegas + Virtual

                UKG Connections 2021

                UKG Pro customers are invited to join workforce visionaries and technology experts for 3 days of inspiring sessions, thought leadership, and networking. Whether you join us onsite at the Wynn Las Vegas or log in to the 100% live virtual conference, this is a can’t-miss event for customers who are passionate about creating more meaningful work experiences.

              • On-Demand Event

                Industry Insights Digital Summit

                Our thought-leadership event was a huge success, but that doesn’t mean you missed out! Every topical session and expert insight is now available for you to review whenever you’d like — along with demos and other helpful resources so you can see how UKG can help support your needs.

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                UKG for Manufacturing Brochure

                Manufacturers must find ways to stay competitive. See how UKG helps them build, support, and grow an engaged workforce that drives productivity and performance.

              • Retail & Hospitality
                Retail & Hospitality

                Retail & Hospitality

                Over 500 organizations across all sectors of retail, hospitality, and food service industries leverage UKG solutions to engage their frontline workforce, ensure compliance, drive intelligent decision making, and deliver better outcomes for their business, their people, and their customers. Recent events have accelerated a digital transformation and UKG solutions provide robust automation and easy-to-use tools that deliver the mobility, self-service, and flexibility today’s workforce demands.

                To support your specialized needs, we provide industry solutions for the following retail and hospitality categories, including:

                • Retail
                • Grocery
                • Convenience Stores
                • Food Service
                • Casino Resorts
                • Hospitality

                Retail & Hospitality Customer Stories / Resources

                Learn how our retail & hospitality customers leverage UKG purpose-built industry solutions to meet their needs, and access industry focused thought leadership tools and resources to help you make more informed workforce and business decisions.

                • Biltmore

                  “Our UKG solution works seamlessly to save us time and improve the employee experience. With the UKG merger, our systems are connected, and the support we receive is unmatched. It’s refreshing to hear from our partners at UKG about how we can continue to enhance and extend our solutions to improve operations, drive productivity, and empower employees.”

                  Kathryn Poslusny, HR systems administrator, Biltmore

                • Carlie C’s IGA

                  “Having real-time access to data is one of the biggest benefits [of UKG Dimensions]. It’s right there at your fingertips and it’s live. You don’t need to wait until the end of the day.”

                  Hannah Boren, Labor Analyst, Carlie C’s IGA

                • Westside Donut Ventures

                  “We all know payroll gets adjusted week by week. You see where you are and make improvements. If you wait three days before you get these numbers, you’re already three days behind the power of making the decision. UKG has given us the power to make faster decisions, which has been a real benefit.”

                  Wyclif Kpanou, Director of Operations, Westside Donut Ventures

                • The Container Store

                  “Because of Pro, we reassigned a part-time person who coordinated some daily HR/payroll tasks to more critical activities. This is essentially like adding a new person to the company without the additional costs.”

                  Claudine Tudgay, Senior Director of Payroll & Benefits, The Container Store

                • M Culinary Concepts

                  “Everything now is on the UKG mobile app ― onboarding, benefits, timekeeping, schedules, I-9s, W-2s. We like to empower people, and the app allows them to take control of their needs by finding pay stubs and changing their personal information. For a very decentralized company, we’re centralized with the app.”

                  Brandy Jo Guzman, Human Resources Director, M Culinary Concepts

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                  UKG for Retail Brochure

                  In retail, your people are your greatest competitive advantage. Learn how UKG™ for Retail empowers your workforce to delight customers and drive revenue.

                • Service Sector
                  Services Industries

                  Service Sector

                  UKG assists service organizations to better manage employee time, control costs, increase performance and minimize compliance risk. Keep employees engaged with complete, easy-to-use workforce management and human capital management solutions.

                  To support your specialized needs, we provide industry solutions for the following service sector categories:

                  • Contract Services
                  • Nonprofits
                  • Field Services
                  • Staffing
                  • Contact Centers

                  Service Sector Customer Stories / Resources

                  Learn how our service sector customers leverage UKG purpose-built industry solutions to meet their needs, and access industry focused thought leadership tools and resources to help you make more informed workforce and business decisions.

                  • Servicon Systems

                    “[UKG] took the time to understand our business, our people, our challenges, what our work means to our customers, and how their part of that impacts it. And we do the same with our clients. When a partnership really works is when you really understand each other’s business and how you can make it more successful.”

                    Laurie Sewell, President & CEO, Servicon Systems

                  • UHY

                    “UKG Pro works alongside Document Manager to advance our vision of a shared-services organization. With Document Manager, HR team members based anywhere can digitize files and add them to the solution, and easily collaborate on the documents that are inside. These two solutions have helped make for a more national, cohesive HR team.”

                    Jeff Cunningham, Director of Information Systems, UHY

                  • MarketSource

                    “UKG Dimensions provides a platform that is open, flexible, and has the ability to integrate multiple technologies to create a full end-to-end solution for workforce management. This was key to the success of this project. With UKG Dimensions, UKG pulls the ecosystem together and gives us the flexibility to thrive in the fast-paced retail environment.”

                    Steve Wilson, Executive Director, Solution Practice – Retail, MarketSource

                  • Hunton & Williams

                    “With UKG Pro, our HR team, managers, and executives can quickly track complete historical information on our employees, stay on top of turnover, monitor our percentage of full-time employees vs. part-time employees, and analyze real-time compensation—all without ever touching a piece of paper."

                    Chuck Dusett, HR Systems Administrator, Hunton & Williams

                  • WC Smith

                    “UKG has eliminated so much time that managers spent collecting and inputting time, so that’s a big win. And it’s increased our ability to more accurately pay employees.”

                    Ian Kessler, Vice President of HR, WC Smith

                  • J&J Worldwide

                    “UKG Ready has been great, and it is integrated with UKG Pro.”

                    Loren Seaman, benefits administrator, J&J Worldwide

                  • UKG for Field Services

                    Service quality can make or break your business. UKG for Field Services helps drive exceptional service and more profitable operations.

                  • UKG for Staffing

                    UKG for Staffing is a single, fully integrated system that helps today’s staffing organizations better manage employee time, costs, and performance.

                  • UKG for Contact Centers

                    Learn how UKG for Contact Centers can help you transform your contact centers to deliver high-quality service, enhance engagement, and control labor costs.

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