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UKG solutions help organizations to automate the entire contract labour lifecycle which in-turn helps to control cost, improve productivity, and minimise compliance risk for bottom-line results.

The Evolving Role of Automation in Managing Contract Labour


The Evolving Role of Automation in Managing Contract Labour

Are you using contract workforce and manually managing their information, payments while handling local and government regulations?
Most Indian organisations struggle to manage their contract workforce due to lack of automation and while they provide significant flexibility, they can also be difficult to control.
Download this whitepaper to explore the basis for an automated, systematic approach for the contract workforce.

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Optimizing your Contract Workforce Deployment

Download the infographic to explore the nine key ways to optimize your contract workforce


Why Contract Workforce Automation is an Imperative?

Explore why manual and semi-automated workflows are no longer adequate in managing contract workforce.


Effective Management of Contract Workforce Risks

Explore how a single, centralized, contract workforce management system can help organizations achieve cost savings and operational efficiencies.


“With a vision to constantly provide a fair and engaging workplace for our employees, we have chosen UKG as our workforce management vendor. We have a digital-first approach, and UKG has further helped us with a single, unified solution that provides real-time visibility across our diverse workforce. UKG solutions are engaging, robust, and mobile-ready and deliver actionable insights that will help us streamline our processes, improve decision around risk management, and optimize our workforce deployment costs to build a future-ready workforce.”

Ritu Kochhar, chief human resources officer, Perfetti Van Melle

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